In 2022 Redline Ace was approached by Ed Carpenter Racing to design a new Indy 500 helmet for Ed himself. With Alzamend as a new primary sponsor, Bitcoin agreed to absorb Alzamend's brand colors into the helmet design to keep the overall consistency with Ed's fire suit and livery. The only design request was a fun mashup between Bitcoin and the logo of former Indy ice hockey team, the Indianapolis Racers. Well versed in the details of a proper vintage design mashup, this Bitcoin/Racers concept couldn't have worked out more perfectly. The primary Bitcoin logo also got a vintage makeover to match, along with a split color helmet look from left to right, including era correct racing wings and Ed's fitting "#33" for Indy on the front. With the design set, it was now up to Brad Plantenga at Bullseye Visual to bring the design to life, and he did just that! The design translated to a 't' and the matte paint along with the silver leaf details in Ed's name knocked this design out of the park. 
ORIGINAL Indianapolis racers logo and bitcoin mashup
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